Is Al Gore a closet climate skeptic?

During 2008, Al Gore told an audience in Germany that the polar ice caps might disappear in five years. This on top of 8 prior forecasts that he claimed would happen that didn’t. After all of his time and effort spent promoting awareness about human-induced climate change, Al Gore just might be on the climate skeptic’s side after all.

Gore’s predictions and campaigns advocating to stop human induced climate change are so bad and his pitch is so phony, by default he and his supporters actually helped their opposition. Until recently, many environmentalists quietly resented Gore. This not only due to Gore’s terrible presentations and ridiculous assertions about climate change but also resulting from the massive amounts of money he has made making his case.

However, no matter what you may think about his politics, Gore is a former Vice President of the United States and an educated, accomplished individual. At this point it is reasonable to conclude that Gore prefers to play the role of punching bag for climate skeptics because he knows the so-called consensus on climate change is nonsense.

However, his missteps and blatant inconsistencies haven’t stopped him from attempting to bilk suckers out of their money. In the end, Gore ultimately is a charlatan.

Below is an except of a speech Al Gore gave in 2009 that asserted the Arctic ice would be gone. Notice how he comes across as phony and nervous.