Bill De Blasio: Green Philosopher King

Right on the heels of New York City’s lawsuit against petroleum companies, the Financial Times published an editorial, rightly, blasting the Big Apple’s mayor, Bill De Blasio, for his legal action. In the editorial, the FT ridiculed his lawsuit as nothing more than a publicity stunt that, if successful, would ruin New Yorker’s lives since they depend on fossil fuels to power utilities so city residents can heat their homes this winter. The newspaper takes De Blasio to task for his hypocrisy of using city vehicles to travel to his gym work outs and further alleges that his lawsuit serves as a distraction so the mayor can avoid the real problems plaguing New York.

However, Hizzoner doesn’t care about the size of his carbon footprint and brushes off any attempts at pointing out his hypocrisy. Most likely, De Blasio will care less about the FT‘s editorial or even that his lawsuit will, most likely, go nowhere.

During June of last year, however, De Blasio gave a very revealing answer published in the New York Daily News that explains what his purpose is in tackling the climate change issue: controlling people’s lives.

When questioned about his carbon footprint when using city vehicles to travel to his frequent gym workout sessions, Hizzoner replied:

It doesn’t really have anything to do with how we change the world, de Blasio said. We change the world with policies that affect people.

In short, De Blasio is a philosopher king right out of the pages of Plato. It isn’t about his hypocrisy but the fact that De Blasio believes has been anointed to organize and run New York as he sees fit. With his status comes all of the benefits that entitle him to be a hypocrite. New Yorkers will be expected to change their ways, not the man who obviously sees himself as a modern-day Marcus Aurelius.

(H/T Eric Worrall at WattsUpWithThat)