Environmentalists seek to screw Napa County, CA winemakers

California is a lush, beautiful state. It has wide open spaces, majestic and lovely scenery, gorgeous weather, and wonderful people. However, a term used by some people to disparage The Golden State is that it is known as the Great Granola Bowl. In other words, it is the land of fruits, nuts and flakes. The former two words certainly fit environmentalists who are not only fruits but are definitely nuts, if not outright evil.

The latest demonstration of the insanity of environmentalists is laid bare for all Napa Valley, and maybe even state, residents to see come early June. According to The North Bay Business Journal, environmentalists have gotten enough signatures for a Napa County ballot question that will appear on the ballot June 5th.

The group behind the June 5th ballot referendum, The Watershed Protection Committee, alleges that the growth of vineyards is expanding into area woodlands and is negatively affecting area fish and wildlife. The group states their proposed law would restrict the number of trees that can be cut down along with enact special sections along streams designed to allegedly preserve trees and streams.

Napa Valley’s wine country is world famous and the environmentalist’s proposal is nothing more than a scheme to lay the groundwork to (in their minds) finally destroy area vineyards and wineries. Environmentalist policies have largely contributed to laying waste to hundreds of acres of land, destroyed multiple residences and killing numerous people in regions around the state. Environmentalist opposition to forest management efforts is what resulted in the massive wildfires that Napa Valley experienced and damaged or destroyed some of the region’s wineries and vineyards.

Thankfully, only a small number of wine facilities suffered losses, and Napa Valley is almost back to normal. The greens clearly do not care that their proposition will make a bad situation worse. They know that if their ballot question is enacted it will not only halt construction of more vineyards and wineries but will contribute to having even more shrubbery and dead trees that will be fuel for future wildfires.

Environmentalists would rather people’s livelihoods destroyed and humans killed since that is a natural extension of their view that human beings are a plague on the Earth. The sinister intent of the Watershed Protection Committee’s proposal is to sacrifice the lives and fortunes of Napa County wineries and vineyards for the existence of trees and wildlife. What could not be accomplished by wildfires will be done by majority vote.