Animal “rights” activists threaten Aussie circus employees with death, abuse

The UK Daily Mail reports that employees of Stardust Circus out of Australia are the subject of a harassment and intimidation campaign being conducted on the part of animal rights activists that. Their efforts entail issuing circus employees multiple threats of death and abuse on Stardust Circus’s Facebook page.

The terrorists have even gone do far as to threaten to let the circus’s animals loose in the middle of the night. The circus is one of two left in Australia and uses animals, such as lions and goats, in some their acts. Stardust owners Janice and Lindsey Lennon insist their animals are well cared for and even state animal inspectors have investigated and inspected Stardust Circus unannounced. No evidence of any wrong doing has ever been found.

None the less, the circus is still accused of animal cruelty because, in animal rights activists minds, ownership or usage of animals for any reason is considered cruel. This ridiculous logic especially applies if animals are used for entertainment for humans. Unfortunately, using animals for entertainment purposes may soon be outlawed due to a bill introduced in the New South Wales legislature seeking to do so.

Unlike humans, animals lack the ability of deliberation and choice in which their thought process is mainly based on predatory and instinctive reactions. Humans deal with each other based on negotiation in which thought and logic is involved throughout the process. Animals lack any such abilities and, therefore, cannot and should not be afforded the same rights as humans.

This is one of many other examples of animal rights activists exacting a savage, hateful attitude to other humans. Because, in their heart of hearts, animal rights activists are not dedicated to ensuring animals are treated well, but are nothing more than a human hate group.