Canadian Environmentalists Support Wolf Attacks Against Humans

A ban on hunting and trapping the endangered Algonquin wolf is being considered in Ontario, Canada’s provincial legislature. According to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, if passed, the statute would create a protected zone in a near 25 radius located in central and eastern Ontario between two provincial parks.

The only thing is, is that not only are traps and hunts banned in the nearby parks, but the prohibition includes grey wolves and coyotes who are not endangered and whose populations are plentiful. In addition to claiming the rationale for the ban is based on questionable science, the Ontario Fur Managers Federation is raising another legitimate objection pointing to the province’s experience with banning a yearly Spring bear hunt in 1999.

As a result of Ontario’s 1999 bear hunt ban, the province’s bear population went up resulting in increased bear attacks that resulted in the law being lifted. However, it took bear attacks to take place what looks like over a period of fourteen years before Ontario politicians legalized bear hunting again. Now, despite the experience with the Spring bear hunt, there is an effort afoot to ban wolf hunting.

Naturally, the environmentalist group, Earthroots, not only backs the ban, they deny the attacks ever took place. Their spokesperson, Hannah Baron, basically says her organization never saw the evidence that the bear hunt resulted in the effects its opponents claim. Baron’s remark is not surprising when one takes into account the true, evil intent behind Earthroots’ support: more animal attacks on humans.

By making the wolf population larger, it not only increases the likelihood of wolf attacks on people, it also makes it more likely that animals used in meat production (such as cattle) will be attacked and eaten by wolves rendering them useless for human consumption. It is a revolting concept greens have pushing for policies to help enlarge the wolf population grounded in their concept of balancing the eco-system.

Environmentalists also see the logic behind their scheme as a form of behavior modification since livestock attacks contribute to ratcheting up beef and poultry prices. This, in their minds, will not only hinder the production of meat products but also prod people to become vegetarians while also curbing human activity to help the planet’s climate. Ultimately, for environmentalists, not only would wolves kill animals used for meat consumption, they would also help get rid of what environmentalists see as the root cause of Earth’s problems: mankind itself (except environmentalists, of course).