The Best Way To Stop Social and News Media Bias and Censorship

Candace Owens of Red Pill Black fame alterted her followers on Twitter today that the social media company is doing something tantamount to purging conservative accounts in what is known as a #twitterlockout. So far, no response from Twitter explaining their actions.

Twitter and Facebook’s conduct is tantamount to censoring opinions on their social media platform and, while they have a right to call the shots on the product they provide, they deserve a response. The most effective method to stop their nonsense is looking like something that People for the Extortion, Torture, and Abuse of human beings has been conducting for the past few years: buying stock in companies that use animals in their products or for entertainment.

Because of PETA’s efforts, they have been able to influence some clothing manufacturing companies to no longer use real animal fur for their products and even convince food production companies to change their animal slaughter practices. The results of PETA’s campaigns have been very effective and this course of action is certainly something that can be done to influence companies hostile to the Right.

Imagine conservative and libertarian stockholders attending meetings of companies like The New York Times, Facebook or Time Warner who owns CNN convincing them to change their news reporting practices. Proponents of beauty products could work to blunt the activities of PETA by speaking out against proposals the animal rights group’s representatives bring up during stockholder meetings such as PETA’s opposition to using animals for cosmetics tests.

If any action should be taken to blunt censorship on social media and to halt mainstream media outlets from reporting fake news, people on the Right should buy stock in companies involved in suppressing conservative and libertarian speech and raise their objections using the weight of their stock ownership as leverage.

There should be criticisms leveled at social and news media companies who act to suppress speech and misreport news stories. However, complaints can only go so far. Impacting companies financially will have a much larger impact. Corporate changes can work acting from the outside in the form of boycotts but, as PETA’s example demonstrates, working from within can be very effective also.

2 thoughts on “The Best Way To Stop Social and News Media Bias and Censorship

  1. The brstcway would be for Conservatives to file a class action lawsuit against Twiiter, Facebook and U-Tube. One million people donating $5 each would fund a suit all the way tobthe Supreme Court!


    1. I am not a lawyer so I am unsure if you can. It’s possible. But I do know PETA has been very effective using their leverage on companies they own stock with in changing their policies. Our side can do the same and block groups like PETA from trying to enforce their agenda on them.


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