California Cities Take Up Nanny-State Straw Bans

A bill proposed during January in the California legislature to ban restaurants from offering plastic straws may not have passed, but a number of California cities have taken up and even enacted the idea. The New York Times reports that the cities of Seattle; Miami Beach and Fort Meyers, Florida; along with San Luis Obispo and Davis, California enacted plastic straw bans prior to its introduction in the Golden State’s Assembly.

Like one California plastic industry trade association representative interviewed by The New York Times correctly points out, the problems with plastic pollution overall stem from inadequate waste management resources and not due to the idea pushed by environmentalists that humans intentionally and recklessly pollute.

When news of the Golden State’s plastic straw ban was first reported, Tucker Carlson set aside a segment of his Fox News show to demonstrate not only that such as ban was a waste of time but California has bigger problems than alleged plastic straw pollution.