“Reverend Billy” Tried to Use Ferguson Protests to Demonize Monsanto

Let it never be said that the Left won’t let a good crisis go to waste. An alert blogger at Medium points out that one anti-GMO activist decided to try to twist the protests in Ferguson, Missouri to demonize Monsanto instead.

Every year a prominent anti-GMO activist, William Talen, holds a protest on Thanksgiving outside of their Creve Coeur location in Missouri. In 2014, his annual protest just happened to coincide with the Ferguson protests. As Talen has protested with the intent to get arrested in the past, it shouldn’t be a surprise that his movement across state lines would be noticed by the FBI. He brags about having been arrested 70 times already.

For his protests, Talen has created a character he calls “Reverend Billy”. Working closely with the Organic Consumers Association, he and his “choir” put on shows at protests around the country to promote corporations selling organic food.

Talen, as it turns out, created a false identity posing as a Christian minister named Reverend Billy. He is a paid activist who not only promotes organic food, he also pretends to be a minister in order for the anti-GMO movement to claim that a clergyman is arrested during a protest at a Monsanto facility.

With this it is abundantly clear the anti-GMO movement will use any means necessary to attack Monsanto and genetically modified foods. Undermine the credibility of GMO’s and the science used to create them, and the food supply contracts resulting in the deaths of humans due to malnutrition.