EPA Head to Expose “Secret Science” Used to Destroy Coal Industry

For almost twenty five years the EPA and university researchers paid by the bureaucracy have been keeping scientific data used to justify new regulations from Congress and the public. During the Obama Presidency, the EPA relied on secret research as justification to issue draconian air quality rules that nearly destroyed the coal industry in the United States.

Congress had asked the EPA to turn over its data numerous times but to no avail. Even when Congress issued subpoenas for the research the agency wouldn’t budge and legislative attempts to force the EPA to reveal its findings were stifled by procedural hurdles.

Since Congress was unable or unwilling to act and the EPA would not disclose its research, EPA Chairman Scott Pruitt recently announced that his agency will no longer use scientific research unless it can be made public.

Although his new policy of not relying on secret science is not yet official, Scott Pruitt confirmed his intention in a recent interview with The Daily Caller. Upon disclosing his objective, The New York Times published a front page news article literally blasting the move making it out to be an attack on science. In reality, Pruitt’s policy change shuts down environmentalist’s ability to politicize science in order to destroy our economy.

Author Steve Milloy wrote a new book about the EPA’s shinanegans and, shortly after the Grey Lady published the article slandering Pruitt, Milloy wrote a hard-hitting, point-by-point response. Milloy was recently interviewed by David Knight on his Infowars show to comment about the events surrounding Scott Pruitt’s decision and what to expect after it becomes official policy.

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