EPA Head Scott Pruitt’s Solid Interview With Ed Henry

Environmental Protection Agency head Scott Pruitt is the subject of a vicious slander campaign being orchestrated by confidants of former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton in conjunction with the environmentalist groups such as the League of Conservation Voters and the Environmental Defense Fund.

Pruitt is doing a remarkable job of cleaning out the corruption in the EPA and that is why he is the subject of this character assassination effort. If Pruitt is taken out it makes it easier for Leftists in the EPA bureaucracy who want to keep the status quo with Pruitt out of the way they will be given license to attack President Trump.

In the below interview Pruitt faces a contentious interview with Ed Henry on Fox News. Scott Pruitt stumbles at times but he does not back down from any of Ed Henry’s questions and addresses all of Henry’s accusations, including insinuations of kickbacks. Thankfully, despite all of the controversy, President Trump still supports Pruitt and it is expected he will, in the end, prevail.