Tom Steyer Funds AZ Ballot Initiative to Enrich Himself, Screw Residents

In addition to his obsessive quest to see President Donald Trump impeached, billionaire Tom Steyer is funding a ballot initiative in Arizona that will if enacted, increase the state’s usage of so-called clean energy sources.

On top of all of that, Steyer is also financing a voter registration drive in The Grand Canyon State in hopes of turning it Blue like Steyer’s home state of California.

What Steyer’s so-called clean energy campaign could really do is shut down Arizona’s sole nuclear power plant, Palo Verde. This, in turn, would be a catastrophe since it would result in higher utility bills for Arizona residents. Arizona Public Service, that owns Palo Verde and is one of the state’s major utility companies, says if Palo Verde goes they would have to convert to using natural gas.

Steyer made his fortune by investing heavily in fossil fuels and renewables, so if his initiative passes, he and his charities would benefit handsomely since the competition would be minimized due to the closure of Palo Verde and APS’s switch to natural gas. Once done and if his voter registration drive is successful, it would mean Arizona would eventually become a true Blue bedroom community to The Golden State.

If California’s experience with environmentalists is any indication, and how greens dominate The Golden State’s politics, any Arizona resident should look in horror at California’s example.

Sources: Environmental Progress, The New York Times, Arizona Capitol Times and City Journal