34 Animal “Rights” Activists Charged With Trespassing Down Under

After a recent, huge raid and protest at a Queensbury, Australia pig farm, 34 animal rights terrorists will be charged with trespassing. Those charged are now suspects in an incident where 100 animal rights hoodlums staged an early morning raid and sit-in protest at a pork facility owned by Queensland Sunshine Coast, Glasshouse Country Farms.

The hoodlums involved attempted their attack further by lodging complaints of the pig farm’s owner about the condition of its farm facilities. The farm’s owner, Gary McGuire, is confident his facility will be cleared since he complies with all safety standards.

Worst part about it, the thugs and pigs will have to be subjected to rigorous examinations since their exposure to each other in the production facilities can expose animal and human to any number of air-borne diseases, such deadly strains of E-Coli.

Police, however, were present at the scene and a video that circulated online showed the cops warning campaigners holed up in the farrowing shed that they could be arrested for trespassing and that having a criminal record could affect their future employment opportunities. Fortunately, about half of the group left, those that remained were taken into custody.

There is already an effort afoot for the local animal rights community to stand with the hooligans, and it goes to what extent they will go to defend those who seek to destroy the lives of others.

Animal rights organizations prefer mankind to be eradicated from the face of the Earth. The best way to do that is to attack the human food supply piecemeal in which efforts like this pig farm attack is one of many examples. Doing this results in diminishing the food supply down the line which, in turn, results in starvations.