New Zealand’s Oil Industry is Doomed

To the shock of the country’s oil industry, New Zealand’s government announced the destruction of its petroleum industry by imposing new caps on oil and gas drilling in Kiwi waters as part of the new Labour government’s campaign to address human induced climate change.

On Thursday, Minister Jacinda Ardern announced her government will No longer be granting any new offshore oil and gas exploration permits. Permits already approved will be honored, she said.

And with that New Zealand can count on rolling blackouts and an overall diminished quality of life thanks to the new socialist government New Zealand voters swept into power in January. Not surprisingly, the country’s oil and gas industry is, rightly, outraged.

Environmentalists are not concerned about climate change or even preserving the natural environment because what they ultimately want is political control over others and our way of life. New Zealand will soon learn this as Jacinda Ardern has set the country on to a path to economic ruin. Bye, bye New Zealand!