Finnish Green Group Seeks to Make “Mount Trumpmore”

An environmentalist group out of Finland is raising money to carve the face of President Donald Trump into an arctic iceberg. The project is called Project Trumpmore and the group behind the effort, Melting Ice, wants to use the campaign as a means to raise awareness about climate change using the face of Donald Trump since he is skeptical about the issue.

Melting Ice sets the price tag at $500,000 and they will even throw in installing a camera to livestream the iceberg as it melts for good measure. Usually when a person’s face is carved into a monument like this it is to honor them so Melting Ice’s edifice is more of a positive for the President than a negative.

This fundraising project is probably a fraud. Melting Ice obviously isn’t very well versed in what happens with icebergs, since they very often do this: