Why Environmentalists Have Turned on Michael Moore

Population Research Institute head Steven Mosher has penned a column in the New York Post that adds a bit more depth to environmentalist's witch hunt against Michael Moore. It's due to Moore being more consistent in his arguments by embracing population control (i.e. anti-humanism) and his exposing the fraud of renewables was the ammunition greens … Continue reading Why Environmentalists Have Turned on Michael Moore

See “Planet of the Humans” For Free

Michael Moore's documentary Planet of the Humans can be seen on YouTube for free. Essentially, Moore has positioned himself with the anti-population wing of the green movement and this film isn't just an expose of the corruption surrounding renewables, it is also looking like Moore's shot across the bow in a power struggle among environmentalists … Continue reading See “Planet of the Humans” For Free

Thomas Sowell Interview: “The Vision of the Anointed”

Think Tank host Ben Wattenberg converses one-on-one with author Thomas Sowell about his (then) new book, The Vision of the Anointed, which argues that the assumptions and beliefs of America’s liberal elite have created thirty years of disaster. This book can be seen as a precursor to Intellectuals and Society. In his book, Sowell states: … Continue reading Thomas Sowell Interview: “The Vision of the Anointed”

Jordan Peterson on “The Arrogance of the Intellect”

In his book Intellectuals and Society, Dr. Thomas Sowell points out that we live in times where intellectuals have quite a bit of influence and he provides an in depth look at and convincingly strips away the veneer of the intellectual class. According to Sowell, the high point of intellectual influence was the period between … Continue reading Jordan Peterson on “The Arrogance of the Intellect”

Listen To The Scientists

We are told every day by the press to listen to the scientists. Tony Heller listens to them very carefully, and that is why he is so concerned about the quality of their work - and what their real agenda is. Paul Ehrlich would be so proud. PHOTO CREDIT: A placard for the so-called March … Continue reading Listen To The Scientists

Obviously Thanos is Evil. He’s also Wrong.

Not only is Thanos, the Marvel Cinematic Universe's most powerful villain, evil ... His ideas about overpopulation are wrong. Unfortunately, there are those who do accept his premise and there wasn't anything presented in the films he appeared in to refute his conclusions. PHOTO CREDIT: YouTube

PJW on the Cult of GRETA

Paul Joseph Watson discusses the cult of Greta Thunberg: the 16 year old Swedish, autistic girl who was taken out of grade school by her parents in order to make money off of the Left's latest climate doom-and-gloom scheme and states she doesn't tell people what to do, while making speeches saying: I want you … Continue reading PJW on the Cult of GRETA