Five Animal “Rights” Thieves Charged in UT Pig Theft

Five California thieves with the animal rights group Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) have been charged and face felony sentences in connection with the theft of five pigs from a farm operated by Smithfield Foods in Beaver, Utah Deseret News reports.

What is significant is that Deseret News also points out that the founder of DxE, Wayne Hansen Hsiung, is among the accused in which he was arrested twice before for livestock thefts from farms in North Carolina and San Francisco. However, DxE states they are being persecuted for exposing corporate misconduct, saying that the meat industry doesn’t want people to see how their food is produced. This despite the fact that the nihilists trespassed on private property and conducted a theft of animals owned by the company who owns and operates the Utah farm.

What is hilarious and unreal at the same time, police found out who was responsible for the burglary by finding video footage of their theft the DxE robbers posted online. So far, the swine have not been recovered as they are said to have been moved to about three different animal sanctuaries the group runs.

Direct Action Everywhere continues to show they are nothing more than nihilistic pilferers and are typical of the animal rights movement. Continue to attack in hopes of undermining food-related establishments (like pig farms) will lead to more human deaths by hunger and starvation.