Environmentalists to Google: Don’t Feed the Cats!

The Leftists at Google love cats so much that they feed the felines in addition to themselves. As it turns out the Googleplex has a sizable population of stray, feral cats, but Google employees don’t see feeding the cats as feeding strays since they remain on their company headquarter’s grounds. However, according to The New York Times, that has angered environmentalists:

Google never set out to threaten biodiversity in its front yard, of course. Like so many stories these days about Big Tech, this is a tale about how attempts to do good often produce unexpected consequences, and how even smart people (especially, perhaps, smart people) can be reluctant to rethink their convictions.

At Google, it is not so much that workers do not like birds as it is that they really love cats. There is an employee group called GCat Rescue that traps the cats around the so-called Googleplex. Kittens and friendly adults are put up for adoption. Less-friendly adult cats are neutered and released.

Google is famous for feeding its employees well, and the cats are no different. Every night, all night, dinner is served from cat-feeding stations. The cat community calls this approach “colony care.”

Yet another example of the Left eating their own. Google employees on the one hand spreading their love and felines returning it in kind, with environmentalists on the other who obsess over endangered species. However, the conflict between the two parties has not only been intense but going on for sometime. The Grey Lady states environmentalists have been trying to convince Google to get rid of its pet felines since 2012:

Environmental groups said Google was generally an excellent partner and had made aggressive efforts to support the burrowing owls at Moffett Field, its leased property a few miles south of the Googleplex, but was consistently unhelpful on the cat issue.

Google employees show no signs of letting up and even people in the community participate in feeding the cats. The owls in the nearby Shoreline Park are not only cat prey but end up having to dodge golf balls from a neighboring golf course, probably where well-to-do Google employees play. The city of Mountain Valley also has its own version of a catch and release program for Googleplex felines as well. No doubt, the conflict will be ongoing.

Environmentalists do not defend ecology, only their vision of what ecology is. Get out the popcorn!