French Animal “Rights” Hoodlums Resort to Campaign of Lies and Deceit

Since France is Europe’s largest producer and consumer of red meat, it’s small wonder that the animal rights movement is not highly looked upon. According to The New York Times with the election of French President Emmanuel Macron, L214 had hoped that they would be able to finally make inroads and have policies they support implemented.

Macron would later downplay or ignore much of his promises of so-called animal safegaurds he made to the animal rights community, so now they are resorting to the same methods their American counterparts use which entail telling lies and deceit. Including, but not limited to, posting edited videos on YouTube or even paying for news paper ads alleging mistreatment of animals when none occurred.

The tactics French animal rights groups now use, according to The Times, are borrowed from a Belgian-American activist named Henry Spira in which would communicate with meat production companies in hopes of getting concessions out of them based on threats. If they refused, he would initiate public media campaigns alleging animal mistreatment.

Despite their alleged successes, overall, the animal rights campaign is still an uphill battle in France and rightly so. Red meat is central to French cuisine and L214 represents an attack not only on French cusine but French culture. As one former slaughterhouse manager correctly put it, groups, like L214, aren’t about animal liberation but to extinguish animal farming if not the end of any life in the countryside.