Environmentalists Threaten More Terrorism to Stop Pipeline Construction

The federal government of Canada recently announced it will purchase the Transmountain pipeline for $4.5 billion. According to The New York Times, the edifice transports oil from Alberta to a sea port in a Vancouver, British Columbia suburb.

The pipeline has garnered strong opposition from environmentalist and native Indian groups, in which a spokesperson named Anna Gerrard for Climate Justice Edmonton issued a statement reported by The Edmonton Star that seems to imply that the use of terrorism in stopping the pipeline would be used:

“We will continue to fight this in the courts, in the streets, on the land and in the water until this project is defeated,” Gerrard said in a phone interview with StarMetro shortly after the protest.

So far, no statement has been issued clarifying Gerrard’s organization’s intent. With the recent sabotage and other terrorist attacks on pipeline construction employees, one thing is certain that until groups, like Climate Justice Edmonton, repudiate the use of violence, it should be assumed terrorism will be an option they will use to stop the pipeline construction.

Environmentalists continue to demonstrate their anti-industrial agenda more and more. Since they cannot rationally or peacefully persuade people not to use fossil fuels, green groups resort to outright force in order to get their way.