Animal Research Saves Animals Too

A very interesting opinion piece published last Wednesday in The Washington Times. Foundation for Biomedical Research president Matthew Bailey reveals that medical tests conducted on animals don’t just result in medicines and therapies that benefit humans but also to help animals too.

According to Bailey. Veterinarians at Tufts University administered an experimental drug to a 7 year old bull mastiff that had contracted lymphoma and went blind soon after being diagnosed with cancer. Not only did the results of the tests show that the cancer was in remission soon after the drug was given to the mastiff, but the animal quickly regained his sight!

A large percentage of households have pets (such as cats and dogs), Bailey says, sadly dogs, cats and other animals contract similar diseases to humans such as cancer, diabetes, kidney or heart disease. He points to four other examples of scientists giving animals a variety of different drugs and therapies that are helping them turn back their illness.

Bailey correctly points out there is an emotional connection many humans have with their pets, almost to the point of considering them family. One would think that with these concrete examples of medical breakthroughs that animal rights organizations would support using animals in medical research. Sadly, they do not.

To piggyback on some of his points and overall logic, Mr. Bailey is absolutely right that not only would shutting down animal research would greatly diminish our capacity to find cures and treatments for many serious illnesses, but people would not be able to live happier, healthier and longer lives.

It is exactly because that groups, like PETA, do not that it calls into question the credibility of the groups opposed to using animals for medical tests. It is abundantly clear animal rights organizations go not exist to ensure animals are treated humanely, but that humans (other than themselves) are subjected to a life of pain, misery and (ultimately) death.

The entire animal rights wing of the environmentalist movement is a human-hating cult whose sole purpose is the animalistic treatment of humans. Their efforts compliment the campaigns of their brother and sister comrades in groups like Earth Liberation Front, Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth to destroy industrialization resulting in the destruction of civilization and to eradicate human life, and they are the ones doing the killing.