Kat Von D Will Kill Her Baby

Tattoo artist Kat Von D is in hot water with her fans. Buzzfeed News points out the recently pregnant make up mogul elected for a midwife, an at-home water birth and intends to raise her child vegan and vaccine-free.

After her announcing these lifestyle changes and disclosing her anti-vaccination views, she experienced back-lash with a lot of her fans. So much so she essentially told them to leave her alone and move on. Still they persist not only telling Kat in no uncertain terms that her decision will do great harm to her child but some are even going so far as to call for boycotting her cosmetics.

Vaccines aren’t a lifestyle choice but a public health issue. Her critics are right that Von D’s decision will put her child’s life at risk. In this case she is not only fully embracing the snake-oil medicine environmentalists further, including the vegan diet, but also the green movement’s logic with regards to vaccines.

The track record of putting babies on vegan diets is not good. Two years ago an Italian couple lost custody of their baby when they were found to have malnourished their child by strictly feeding it strictly vegan food.

If Kat Von D follows through with her choices on what to feed her baby and to not vaccinate him or her, she had better enjoy her short time with her child, since it will have died a painful, malnourished death thanks to her embracing environmentalist, mystical nonsense.