15 U.S. Cities Identified as Anti-Vaccine “Hotspots”

A new study published in the Public Library of Science Journal suggests more children are vulnerable to contagious diseases resulting from a number of metro areas nationwide that have large amounts of non-medical exemptions for vaccination.

According to USA Today, 15 metropolitan areas in 12 to eighteen states (like Arizona, Minnesota, North Dakota and Utah) where the number of un-vaccinated children is growing. Unfortunately, as the manuscript points out, as the number of non-medical vaccine exemptions increases, so do the number of children not protected against contagious illnesses such as measles, mumps and rubella, small pox, and even chicken pox.

USA Today also points out this is the first in-depth research of states with non-medical exemptions. With an increase of the population of people refusing to vaccine, the likelihood of disease outbreaks, including sicknesses once thought to be eradicated (such as small pox or polio).

The increase in non-vaccinated populations can be attributed to misinformation disseminated by the anti-vaccine movement which is an extension of the environmentalist movement. Their intent isn’t to prevent people from contracting autism or prevent poisoning by harmful chemicals. Rather it is to ensure that humanity suffers an existence of torment and, eventually, die painful deaths resulting from preventable diseases which is grounded in environmentalist’s hatred of human life.