Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire at the EPA

Environmentalists and mainstream media finally got their wish. The New York Times reports EPA head Scott Pruitt resigned Thursday citing unrelenting attacks on me personally as the primary reason for his stepping down.

Despite the many scandals that clouded his leadership, the victory lap the political Left and media are performing for taking Scott Pruitt out will be short lived. As it turns out, Scott Pruitt’s assistant, Andrew Wheeler, is now acting EPA Chief and he is more adept at navigating the EPA bureaucracy than his predecessor. Quoting The New York Times:

Washington insiders describe Mr. Wheeler as well positioned to pursue Mr. Trump’s agenda as effectively as Mr. Pruitt, or even more so, by moving more slowly but in ways likelier to withstand legal challenge.

“Andrew is one of the most well-known, well-respected policy professionals in Washington on energy and environment — he knows everybody,” said Matthew Dempsey, a former colleague of Mr. Wheeler’s in Mr. Inhofe’s office, who currently works for a consulting firm representing the oil and gas industry.

“He will be similar to Pruitt in terms of the agenda — he understands the Trump administration and will carry out the agenda,” said Mr. Dempsey. “But he’s been around Washington a long time. He knows how D.C. works and he does things by the book.”

Andrew Wheeler will, most likely, pick up where Scott Pruitt left off and, like clockwork, Democrats and environmentalists are already churning up their spin in an attempt to discredit him. Wheeler can expect to receive the same treatment of his former boss, but, hopefully, Wheeler is better prepared.

In terms of Scott Pruitt, he maybe down but he isn’t out either. The Times reports that Pruitt might be able to engineer some kind of comeback. Pruitt’s message of opposing regulation remains popular in his home state of Oklahoma in which, like neighboring Texas, the state has sizeable fossil fuel industries.

Environmentalists and mainstream media thought they achieved a victory when they got Scott Pruitt to resign but he has been replaced by a more masterful adversary and enabled Pruitt to engineer a political comeback that can bite them later. It has been said the more things change the more things stay the same, in this case the change the Left sought will end up being worse for them and it is an all too fitting ironic outcome.