Taxpayers foot the bill for Obama’s Earth Day trip

Can you imagine a high profile individual using a jet to fly to deliver a speech during Earth Day on manmade global warming? That is exactly what happened with President Barack Obama who used almost $1 million of our hard earned tax dollars to pay for his transportation fuel in order to deliver a speech on Earth Day in Florida.

The Washington Examiner reports that Judicial Watch obtained the President’s travel expenses as part of a Freedom of Information Act request. As it turns out, the expense of flying President Obama 4 hours by jet and then another 20 minutes by helicopter in order for him to speak at an engagement in the Florida Everglades helped contribute to climate change just in time for Earth Day. Security, staff and communication expenses were not included but the total bill for the expenditure so the President could berate climate change deniers along with Florida Governor Rick Scott at well over a cost of a million dollars. Total carbon emissions for the trip were not calculated.

I have always found it ironic that on the one hand people like President Obama seek to curb climate change but do not practice what they preach in terms of their overall conduct. I would be more impressed if President Obama had lead the way by traveling by train which uses less CO2 than most modes of transportation. The EPA is in the midst of proposing rules to clamp down on air travel emissions which, in fairness, make up a little over two percent of total carbon emissions. So, in some way, the President can be cut some slack for this. But it does not detract from the fact that if the EPA issues rules on jet carbon emissions that people like him will not be effected and the average person will be hindered from air travel due to the increased costs resulting from the carbon regulations. That is why the President and environmentalists want jet emissions controlled since they hate the idea of the average person having the same conveniences as they do.