Anti-Vaccine Group Attempts to Hold Up Lyme Disease Vaccine

Later this year, the French company Valneva SE will begin Phase 2 clinical trials of a lyme disease vaccine the company is developing underwent successful Phase 1 tests beginning in March. According to The Wall Street Journal, the company’s Chief Financial Officer, David Lawrence, says it will be at least five years before their vaccine will be available on the market.

Valneva’s vaccine is reportedly similar to Lymerix which was made available in the late 1990’s. Unfortunately, because of low demand resulting from a misinformation campaign by an anti-vaccine group, Lymerix was removed from the market during 2002 and not made available again.

Unfortunately, Valdeva’s vaccine could suffer the same fate as Lymerix. The Journal states an anti-vaccine group behind the website LymeDisease.Org has seen it fit to raise unwarranted objections about Valneva’s product saying that the company should have a dialogue with their community and not enough research has been done. Ultimately, that is political double speak for seeking to further politicize the process and, eventually, slow production of the vaccine down further.

The Wall Street Journal also points out that Valneva’s vaccine will protect against six versions of lyme disease, as opposed to the original that only protected against one. Valneva should press on and consider such talk from groups, like LymeDisease.Org, as nothing more than noise geared to muddy the waters.

The people behind LymeDisease.Org clearly have an agenda that is, most likely, grounded in environmentalist dogma to sacrifice mankind to the needs of nature. In this case, it is to ensure that people who suffer from lyme disease to continue to suffer and lead miserable, pain-filled lives.