New York City Politicos Will Use Green Roof Mandates to Screw City Residents

Legislation will be introduced today by two members of the New York City Council that will mandate green roofs, solar panels or wind turbines to be installed on new buildings constructed within city limits and commercial edifices undergoing major exterior renovations.

According to The New York Times, one council member named Stephen Levin of Brooklyn would like to take the requirements further by covering residential homes and community site such as homes, libraries, post offices and hospitals. One council member quoted by The Times, Raphael Espinal, admitted that buildings that have the three green options the city is seeking to require could push up housing costs too in which the Gray Lady is aware that buildings that have them could be sold at a premium.

However, Los Angeles has been conducting a similar effort since May of last year. The city initiated a white street campaign which is alleged to have reduced roadway temperatures up to 10 degrees.

In reality, Los Angeles’s white street program, most likely, won’t work. A research piece published during 2011 in the Journal of Climate determined that painting the rooftops of houses white had no effect reducing carbon emissions or greenhouse gases.

If painting rooftops of houses white had no effect on reducing carbon emissions, neither will painting them green nor installing windmills or solar panels. As council member Raphael Espinal tacitly admitted, the new Green Roofs are about driving up the cost of housing and commercial space. He and other members of the New York City Council won’t see a penny come out of their pockets since they are paid by taxpayers and probably live in nice, luxurious homes in gated communities with round the clock armed security.

None of the members of the New York City Council give a damn about the average New Yorker busting their tails, trying to make a living in the Big Apple, which is the most expensive city in the country. If approved, this new law will only make living in New York City not only more expensive but unbearable for the city’s middle class and poor as well as businesses that the politicians obviously seek to drive out.