Wolf Attacks on Cattle in Idaho On the Rise

During the period of August 2th to the 4th, Cascade, Idaho rancher Phil Davis three of his cows were killed by wolf attacks earlier this month, while three others were killed in other attacks.

According to Capital Press, the Idaho Rangeland Resource Commission recently reported wolf-involved cases of cattle deaths set a record high for the fiscal year ended June 30 and are expected to get worse. The attacks are, most likely, due to wolves in central Idaho being classified as an endangered species during the mid-1990’s.

As a result of wolf depredations, cattle ranchers are even losing younger, smaller cattle to attacks. The main reason why environmentalists usually want wolves protected is simple: reduced carbon emissions.

Studies have been done correlating emissions from livestock as contributing to climate change and environmentalists see wolves as a means to an end. Their animal rights activist buddies, in turn, help their fellow greens out by opposing hunting efforts or culls.

By making the wolf population larger using statutes (like endangered species laws), it not only makes it more likely that animals used in meat production (like cattle) will be attacked and even eaten by wolves rendering them useless for human consumption, and it is also results in devastating animal populations used by humans (such as sheep) to make clothes. It is a revolting concept greens have pushing for policies to help wolf populations group which environmentalists claim is grounded in their idea of balancing the eco-system.

In reality, it is a form of behavior modification grounded in the purest evil since livestock attacks contribute to ratcheting up meat prices and. High meat prices, greens hope, will prod people to become vegetarians or even vegans while also curbing human activity to help the planet’s climate.

In environmentalist’s minds, another benefit with having larger wolf populations is that increases the likelihood mean not only will the human food supply will drop, but fewer clothes made using animal fur made. The end result is not only would humans be attacked but the wolves will kill livestock animals. Increased wolf populations also mean increased human contact with them and it would also help get rid of what gang green sees as the root cause of Earth’s problems: mankind itself.

NOTE: This is post contains information of a previously posted essay on the same subject.