NRDC Mission Statement Expresses Opposition to Capitalist Countries

More details have come up about the House Natural Resources Committee’s investigation of the Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC). According to a blog post at The Heartland Institute, not only are there indications of bias on the part of the environmentalist group, but further review of documents pertaining to the group’s mission potentially sheds light on the real reason why the organization takes such a hands off approach in its dealings with China.

In addition to lacking criticism of some of the country’s military efforts that have resulted in massive contamination of islands and waterways, the Congressional committee found that the NRDC has at times has even collaborated with Chinese government entities in their activities in the South China Sea.

What is revealing is what another Heartland policy advisor, Paul Driessen, reveals NRDC’s true intent is as outlined in their mission statement:

NRDC’s mission statement concludes, ‘We seek to break down the pattern of disproportionate environmental burdens borne by people of color and others who face social or economic inequities,’” Arnold said. “In today’s NRDC–China controversy, this seems to translate as, ‘We’re against capitalist countries, and we’re for the other kind.’

The NRDC attempted at one point to sue the United States Navy in an attempt to block their conducting military exercises claiming negative environmental impacts from such efforts. Yet, when it comes to China the group raises no such objections. Furthermore, another Heartland policy advisor points out the green organization also remains silent when China’s degrades the planet’s environment:

The NRDC has said nothing about the massive land and water impacts associated with China’s mining of the rare-earth elements—lithium and cobalt—that are essential for the wind, solar, and battery technologies [the NRDC] claims are necessary if the world is to abandon fossil fuels and embrace a renewable energy future to save our planet from alleged climate cataclysms, Driessen said.

In China’s African mines, many of the workers are women and children who labor sunup to sundown in toxic, contaminated mud and water, under constant risk of cave-ins, said Driessen. Where the mines and processing facilities aren’t directly owned by the Chinese government, their output is mostly purchased by Chinese companies, which profit immensely from the near-slave labor.

The NRDC’s conduct is not only contemptible but not surprising. The NRDC isn’t remaining silent about criticizing China out of security concerns operating in a Communist state, but because out of solidarity with fellow Marxists. The environmentalist group is silent because, ultimately, they agree with what the Chinese are doing. Their mission statement quoted above is proof.

NRDC has proven itself to be an arm of the Chinese government by default and should have their non-profit status revoked. The group seeks to hinder the United States so that China can continue to grow and evolve in order to become the world’s dominating power.