Farm Babe: Anti-GMO and Anti-Meat Movements Are Alike

Michelle Miller (aka Farm Babe) authored a very good op-ed in AG Daily pointing out not only the similarities between the anti-GMO and anti-Meat movements but that since both campaigns view agriculture as evil, they naturally bond as friends, or allies. Miller says:

The money trail behind the food companies and activist groups is shocking, and there are similarities between the anti-GMO movement and the anti-meat (“go vegan”) organizations. While it’s important to not generalize entire groups of people, oftentimes the groups trying to negatively paint anti-animal ag and that are creating messages about “factory farming” have an agenda to get people to stop eating meat.

While the animal-rights group extremists aren’t necessarily selling a product, they’re at least selling an ideology. They’re a passionate bunch of extremists and sometimes will stop at nothing to share misinformation in their campaigns. PETA isn’t exactly broke and is notorious for spreading lies. This video does a really good job exposing some of the awful things they’ve done (and the fraud they’ve committed with animals they’ve killed.)

But it doesn’t stop there. HSUS is nicknamed “PETA with a business suit” and has the same agenda as them except does a ton of lobbying, tries to jack up prices of animal protein (ideally abolish it all together), push farmers out of business and unnecessarily change their practices, etc. HSUS spent over $140 million last year lobbying against animal agriculture alone. Mercy for Animals famously creates videos that are fake, overblown, staged, or taken out of context. If animal abuse occurs that is legitimate, anyone in the right mind would want to stop it. One or two bad apples isn’t representative of the tens of thousands of people involved in the industry. And if these activists really loved animals, why do they continue to let the cameras roll?

It makes sense that the animal rights and anti-GMO groups are allying with each other either directly or by default. However, they always have been allied and organizations from both camps are factions of the environmentalist movement who are united in their hatred of mankind and seek to rid the planet of human beings (except themselves, of course). In this case, they are attacking the best means of attacking human life by seeking to undermine our food supply.