Greens Down Under Want More Shark Attacks

From Stuff New Zealand after Queensland, Australia announced a shark cull:

Baiting and killing sharks in the wake of two life-threatening attacks in the Whitsundays gives swimmers a false sense of security and will not prevent more bites, Australian environmentalists say.

Sea Shepherd Australia and Humane Society International say human safety is paramount but that killing three tiger sharks in Cid Harbour in response to attacks on a Tasmanian woman and a Melbourne girl is not the answer.

These scum have the audacity to claim human safety is paramount but make these kinds of remarks and that such methods is not popular with the public.

First environmentalists side with the sharks in the attacks on two helpless females who were bitten by sharks last week less than 24 hours apart and in the same breath declare the victims aren’t part of the public. In other words, the female’s lives don’t matter, only the shark’s do.

In reality, environmentalists don’t give a damn about human life (except their of course). As far as Sea Shepherd Australia and Humane Society International are concerned, the humans shouldn’t have been swimming at the beaches to begin with and the women in question obviously brought the shark attacks on themselves.