If You’re Not Vegan, You’re A Racist

It was bound to happen sooner or later. During the last few years neo-Marxist feminists have been coming around to embrace veganism in order to combat … you guessed it … racism and white supremacy.

There is even an effort among some vegans to convince black people to embrace veganism along these very lines. However, this sounds kind of racist, doesn’t it? Specifically targeting black people in order to make them vegan in order to fight white, patriarchial oppression (so-called)?

Below is a video made by one vegan feminist that goes into this very line of thought which was made last year. What is fascinating isn’t the video’s content, but when she has to disclose. It starts off with trigger warnings, then gets into tons of neo-Marxist/feminist theory nonsense while simultaneously making the case for veganism and animal rights.

At the end, the poor girl has to provide even more disclosures stating that her video content is only her opinion and apologizes because it may contain errors. This implies some sort of reliance on authority since if she made the video and, somehow, neglected to include the disclosures and trigger warnings, she could probably get in big trouble not just with her friends but even authority figures in her vegan, feminist and animal rights circles. If so, that is a culture of oppression.

CONTENT WARNING: Your brain may turn to mush after watching this.

ADDENDUM: In light of veganism being popular among white supremacists, does this mean they aren’t racists because they are vegan?