WA Man Mauled By Bear Attacked by Vegans, Animal “Rights” Activists

While out bow hunting in Montana Bob Legas was severely mauled by a mother grizzly bear during middle October. While recovering from his injuries, Legas received a verbal mauling from a group that came out of nowhere: die-hard vegans and animal rights activists.

According to the Spokesman-Review, when Bob Legas disclosed about what happened and his medical condition on hus Facebook page, a friend of his messaged him warning him that a British animal rights group had reposted his post and it was all downhill from there.

Despite the messages from family and friends Legas also received a number of nasty and disgusting remarks too. Some examples from the Spokesman-Review article are:

“Karma. Can you post your address so that someone can finish the job and feed the remains to the bears in winter,” posted a Facebook user from France.

“Come on guys, don’t be so mean. This is incredibly tragic,” wrote someone from Canada. “Tragic that Momma Bear didn’t get a chance to finish the job of taking out the trash.”

An American wrote, “Bet you’re not the apex predator you thought you were. Let’s hope the next time the bear finished what it started.”

One other American named Dawn Yonce commented saying that she was glad Bob Legasa was okay and that she hoped the experience makes him change his mind about hunting animals. The overall experience didn’t frighten Legasa, but did wear him down. None the less, the mean and snide comments made to him should be more than enough proof animal rights is about the animalistic treatment of humans and not the humane treatment of animals.