North Carolina County Experiences Chicken Pox Epidemic

Buncombe County, North Carolina experienced the state’s worst outbreak of Chickenpox in twenty years. According to the Los Angeles Times, cases of the sickness have been growing in Asheville Waldorf School in which the amount of children located in the county who went without vaccines quadrupled in the county since 2001.

Even though the school follows the state’s vaccination mandates, parents are still allowed to opt-out after consulting a physician citing religious reasons. The result is a high amount of un-immunized children and even adults which result in the spread of illnesses, like chickenpox, that can disburse quickly throughout the community.

Unfortunately, efforts to tighten vaccination laws have been met with fierce opposition from state residents where lawmakers and even health officials usually back down. Until and unless North Carolina resident’s minds change, outbreaks of illnesses, like chickenpox, will continue to occur but also even worse diseases, like measles or polio, could spread as well.

The anti-vaccine movement was inspired by the environmentalist movement. Their intent isn’t to prevent people from contracting autism or people from being poisoned by harmful chemicals. Rather, it is to ensure that humanity suffers an existence of torment and, eventually, die painful deaths resulting from preventable diseases which is grounded in environmentalist’s hatred of human life.