Environmentalists Push For Solar Rule To Screw CA Home Buyers

One other way environmentalists seek to make human’s lives miserable is drive up the cost of housing so that people are run out of certain areas of the country by driving up the cost of housing. Nowhere is this more apparent than in California whose politics are not only dominated by the Left, but environmentalists are the Golden State Left’s strong arm enforcers, and their ideology is heavily favored in the state’s policy making.

For example, The Orange County Register reports that the California Building Standards Commission unanimously passed a rule last week that new homes built in the Golden State must be solar powered. Sounds great, doesn’t it? California has lots of sun so people will save lots of money on energy and reduce their carbon footprint, right? Not exactly.

As it turns out, the nasty surprise California homeowners may fail to realize is the additional $10,000 energy officials tell The Register that the mandate will add to the cost of the home. It will cost a new home buyer in California $8400 for adding the solar equipment and approximately $1500 to make the homes more energy efficient (if they will be at all).

So California families get the shaft paying an additional $10,000 that can make it harder to afford or live in a new home, while Golden State bureaucrats get to virtue signal, environmentalists who promote
and (in some cases) install solar equipment get a kick back on the installation and Communist China wins since their factories helped make the solar accessories. Sounds like a win-win for everyone except for the people of California.