Environmentalists Make Great Movie Villains Because They Want To Make Your Life Miserable

An excellent opinion piece authored by Sonny Bunch executive editor of and film critics for the Washington Free Beacon published in today’s Washington Post. Bunch’s essay tells some inconvenient truths about environmentalists as transmitted by none other than the entertainment industry.

The most recent example is the recently released Aquaman whose villain, King Orm, wants to eradicate all life on Earth because of (you guessed it) overpopulation. The latest Avengers movie villain, Thanos, justifies his galactic genocide on a similar premise. Best of all, Bunch wraps up his op-ed stating what has been revealed on the pages of this website:

There is no aspect of your life that environmentalists don’t want to tinker with, no realm immune from their meddling: just think of those poor small-businessmen whose livelihoods were destroyed by a deranged EPA bureaucrat in the 1984 classic “Ghostbusters.” On the plus side, this makes them pretty solid villains. Expect to see more of them in our big-budget films going forward.

It’s about time environmentalists were revealed for the evil, human hating vermin they truly are. Some people will write them off as just fiction but the evidence is overwhelming that the true intent of environmentalists is to make life miserable for humans (except themselves of course) in order to achieve their Eden of a carbon (read: human) free planet.