Obama Center in Chicago Could Come To a Screeching Halt

A federal judge in Chicago allowed a lawsuit to proceed against former President Barack Obama’s $500 million Presidential Center today. Three environmentalists with the group Protect Our Parks and other opponents are involved in litigation to prevent the construction.

According to the Washington Examiner, the plaintiffs assert in their lawsuit that the city of Jackson Park and Park District lack the legal ability to make the public parkland available for the development. The ruling is a setback for the Obama Center’s construction as construction on the edifice was supposed to start during July of last year in which the Chicago City Council approved the project during June.

Also during June 2018, Illinois lawmakers approved $224 million that taxpayers would have to shell out for transportation projects around the area of the Obama Presidential Center.

How ironic and somewhat fitting that, despite his efforts to support environmentalist causes and policies, that the construction of President Barack Obama’s Presidential Center could be held up or stopped altogether resulting from a lawsuit by an environmentalist group. That’s gratitude for you and another example of the Left eating their own.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia: Francisco DeGoya’s painting – Saturn Devouring His Son