200 Animal “Rights” Thugs Invade UK Farm, 2 Piglets Dead

Approximately 200 thugs with the animal rights group Meat The Victims UK invaded the Sandilands Pigs farm in Newark Road near Laughterton on Saturday morning as part of a protest against factory farming.

According to Lincolnshire Live, some of the hoodlums stayed outside the property while others went in and occupied a barn and would not leave until a arbitration organization showed up to inspect the facilities.

The owners, Mick and Sylvia Hook, were surprised at what happened since their farm is a top notch operation. Sadly, the owners allege the hoodlums took 50 pigs out of their crates and 2 piglets were squished. Naturally, the punks with Meat the Victims UK deny the allegations.

A video of the invasion is below for you to see for yourself. With activities like this, animal rights gangsters continue to show the kind of nihilists they are. Activities like this are done in hopes of undermining farms and other food-related establishments will eventually lead to more human deaths by hunger and starvation.