IFF Investigators: Film Condemning Fur is “Staged”

A 2009 video released by People for the Extortion, Torture and Abuse of human beings (PETA) has been declared staged by the International Fur Federation. According to WWD, the video went viral after it was pitched as a staged snuff film of the skinning of live animals by two Chinese fur skinners.

IFF told the fashion news outlet that PETA used the video as a means to campaign for banning the use of fur in clothing manufacturing. The organization further states that the video, which is one minute and very graphic, misleads the public with deceptive claims of fur industry practices. PETA, not surprisingly, stands behind their footage.

What should be of note, is that IFF also states the global fur industry has proof that the barbaric and illegal act was staged in a deliberate attempt to disparage the industry. This proof includes interviews and signed affidavits from two men who appeared in the video, Ma Hong She and Su Feng Gang.

You can read about the details about what happened at the Shancun fur market when the film was being shot here.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time PETA has been caught, nor will it be the last. During 2015, the human hate group tried to have a horse trainer and his assistant charged with animal abuse resulting from video footage they shot. The two were later cleared after PETA refused to give the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission an unedited copy of the video footage they took in which it was determined the initial video was edited.

These are only a sampling of the kind of slanderous tactics PETA will use in order to either slander reputations or (in this case) stop clothing production that uses animal fur. Organizations, like PETA, hate the idea of humans using animals for their betterment, including the use of animal fur to keep them warm, comfortable and fashionable as well. Hopefully, the IFF or fur companies will sue PETA for this outrageous and malicious act.