Poll: Expect More and Worse Farm Attacks in 2019

A recent PORK Poll taken during late February by Farm Journal cited by AGWEB has some harrowing results for farmers involved in cattle, pork and other meat-related industries. The respondents cited four messages consumers will hear about in the coming year: greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs), taking meat out of the diet, alternative proteins and animals’ legal status.

So far, as AGWEB points out, animal rights groups have been unsuccessful in their attempts to get legal recognition for animals through the courts. But it doesn’t mean they won’t stop trying, and if one animal is granted personhood status, all hell will break loose on livestock producers.

That also includes pushing the myth that meat production emits lots of carbon emissions and is a contributor to man-made climate change. Meat production does produce greenhouse gases, but not to the extent environmentalists allege.

However, the results of the poll should give pause not only to meat producers but also to consumers. With the recent actions by animal rights terrorists occupying, stealing and even threatening farmers involved in the livestock or meat or poultry trade, it could mean higher prices and lower quality meat down the line in an effort to push consumers to vegetarian or vegan dietary options.

Animal rights thugs aren’t waiting for a court decision giving animals personhood and environmentalists are even more determined to push through their anti-industry agenda. Both of these efforts are ultimately geared as attacks on humans, as a holy war or jihad against the civilization we have built. As civilized people we should push back against them and their campaigns and they are doing it for no other reason that they hate mankind and our way of life. Not just with our votes, but with our actions by speaking out against what organizations like PETA, the Sierra Club or Friends of the Earth are doing.