Sierra Club Issues Threat Against Keystone Pipeline

On Friday, President Trump issued a presidential permit which will allow the Keystone XL Pipeline to continue to be constructed. According to the Washington Examiner, the document nearly immunizes the project from lawsuits but allows TransCanada to: construct, connect, operate, and maintain pipeline facilities at the international border of the United States and Canada.

Environmentalists, on the other hand, were (putting it mildly) not happy. Soon after the permit issuance was announced, the Sierra Club (not surprisingly) berated the action claiming not only have the courts rejected the President’s actions but the license is a way for a foreign pipeline company to bypass environmental laws.

While the Sierra Club’s rant was the typical outcry, what was concerning was a statement made by the group’s Executive Director, Michael Byrne, who said: We will continue to pursue every available avenue to ensure that this pipeline is never built.

What Michael Byrne said is a pretty open-ended statement. Since it is coming from an environmentalist, with the sabotage actions against pipelines by eco-terrorists, it is probably safe to assume that Michael Byrne made phone calls to green terrorist groups alerting them to get ready to ratchet up their pipeline sabotage and attacks against police and petroleum company employees.

So far, no statement has been issued by Byrne clarifying his statement or his organization’s intent. Environmentalists continue to demonstrate their anti-industrial agenda more and more. Since they cannot rationally or peacefully persuade people not to use fossil fuels, green groups resort to outright force in order to get their way.