Study: White People’s Diets Contribute to Climate Change

A new scientific study published last week in the Journal of Industrial Ecology concludes that if you’re white then your diet contributes to climate change more than any other ethnic group. Researchers unhesitatingly determined the typical American diet of Caucasians has a wider variety of foods than those of blacks or Hispanics.

Consequently, researchers say, white American diets require more use of resources which, in turn, leads to higher levels of greenhouse gasses that contribute to climate change. According to Grist:

In the study, white Americans’ eating patterns had the highest per capita greenhouse gas and water impacts of any demographic group due to their consumption of “environmentally intense food items” such as potatoes, beef, apples, and milk. Black Americans’ diets had the highest per capita land impact “due to their consumption of land‐intense food items in the fruit and ‘protein foods’ food groups,” but had the lowest per capita greenhouse gas emissions of the three groups examined.

As if this research couldn’t get anymore whacked out, a student named Joe Bozeman at the University of Illinois who co-authored the study, said:

The food pipeline – which includes its production, distribution and waste – contributes significantly to climate change through the production of greenhouse gases and requires significant amounts of water and land, which also has environmental effects.

Researchers revealed that each community required almost 300,000 liters (i.e. almost 80,000 gallons) of water annually. Bozeman went on to say:

While the difference may not be enormous, these numbers are per individual, and when you add up all those individuals, it’s very clear that whites are responsible for the majority of greenhouse gases emitted as a result of their food choices.

Conveniently, this manuscript was published weeks after another research piece states that white people unequally produce air pollution that affect minorities.

Like was pointed out before, most likely, this will be another arrow in the quiver the Left can use in its attempts to demonize white people. As opposed to the pollution study that can be used to force middle class and upscale neighborhoods to adopt stricter rules like President Obama attempted to do for housing and urban development, now the Left can attack people’s diets based on race in order to shrink food production so as to kill people off.