More Animal Farm Arrests in Southern Australia

Almost thirty animal rights hoodlums have been arrested in connection with activities they conducted at Queensland, Australia animal farms in which, according to the Brisbane Times, some of the criminals trespassed on private property and chained themselves to farm equipment or even stole animals too.

Last Tuesday, police charged 11 people on 18 charges, including unlawfully entering farming land (trespass) and drug offences.

Another eight have also been charged with entering farming land (trespass) after the latest arrests.

The total 19 accused offenders, six men and 13 women, were due to appear in the Warwick Magistrates Court on various dates during the next several weeks.

Eight more people have been charged after protesters allegedly entered the Lemontree Feedlot at Millmerran, 82 kilometres south-west of Toowoomba, and took pictures of cattle on March 23.

This on top of animal rights thugs conducting mass harassment of animal farms that took place in Australia and parts of Great Britain around the beginning of the year.

Animal rights is grounded in a mystical reverence for animals in which the groups organized in the name of it seek to make people’s lives a living hell on Earth. It is centered on the subjective, nihilistic ethics of the animal kingdom and holds that world as its highest value over the civilization of mankind.