Ocasio-Cortez Walks Back Doom – and – Gloom Climate Change Prediction

New York Representative Alexandra Occasional Cortex … er … Ocasio-Cortez tweeted out a back track of her original doom-and-gloom prediction related to climate change yesterday.

According to Breitbart, Cortez even went so far as to state people who took her remarks literally had the intelligence of a sea sponge despite her stating that the world would end due to climate change during January of this year. Quoting from Breitbart:

“I think that the part of it that is generational is that millennials and Gen-Z and all these folks that come after us are looking up and we’re like, ‘The world is going to end in 12 years if we don’t address climate change,’ and your biggest issue is–your biggest issue is, ‘How are we going to pay for it?’” Ocasio-Cortez said. “And, like, this is the war; this is our World War II.”

After this, one can only imagine the huge let-down many of Cortez’s followers experienced when she walked back her claim. No one is going to take her seriously after this, especially after she insulted everyone who took Ocasio-Cortez at her word.