Climate Lawsuits Have Cities Seeing Green

By Hunter Pearl, Institute for Energy Research

In my last article I discussed atmospheric trust litigation (ATL), the latest crusade among radical environmentalists to impose through the courts what they could not pass through the ballot box. This coordinated campaign includes using child plaintiffs to sue the federal government to adopt their desired climate change regulations and a press strategy including what would become the youth climate strikes. Increasingly prominent components of the ATL campaign are investigations by state attorneys general into ExxonMobil (ongoing in New York, Massachusetts, and being picked up in Washington, DC) and public nuisance lawsuits by cities, counties, and states against Exxon and a few other chosen oil companies (starting or ongoing in Rhode Island and more than a dozen cities and counties across North America). These investigations and climate lawsuits are desperate and misguided attempts to smear providers of conventional fuels and extract rents free of political consequence.”