Environmentalists and Native American Tribes Unite to Stop Arizona Copper Mine

Making the same arguments against the North Dakota Access Pipeline, the Associated Press reports environmentalists and native American tribes are suing to stop Hudbay Minerals Inc. of Toronto in federal court from building an open put copper mine in the Santa Rita Mountains of southeastern Arizona.

The opposition groups claim, according to the AP, the mine could desecrate sacred, ancestral lands and dry up wells and waterways while ravaging habitat for endangered jaguar and other species. Meantime the Arizona Chamber of Commerce said the mine would be among the biggest construction projects in the state’s history generating billions of dollars in revenue for Arizona since the state is rich in copper deposits.

If the mine is stopped, that means the loss of a lot of jobs for a poor, rural area and a significant financial loss for Hubay Minerals. But the environmentalist and native Indian organizations obviously prefer the people in the area of where the mine will be located to remain poor or lacking in work. After all is said and done, the opponents will go back to their nice, comfortable fossil fuel powered homes while the people around Sonoita, Arizona are screwed.

PHOTO CREDIT: – Morenci copper mine – By TJBlackwell – Own work. Original copy is available in its full resolution at this address., CC BY 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=11092229

UPDATE 09/26/2020: Seven days after this was reported, the judge assigned to the case ruled against the environmentalists. No word yet if they will appeal.