The Brave, Green, Neo-Confederacy

The American Civil War was not only fought over slavery, but also to settle the idea if a majority has the right to overrule the rights of a minority. In the case of the Confederate States of America, it was not only formed to defend America’s peculiar institution (slavery) but also to protect or revive the idea of majority rule. Completely the opposite of what the United State Constitution is about and, fortunately, the Confederate States lost the Civil War.

Since the Southern states that seceded were mostly made up of Democrats and remained heavily Democrat for quite some time even after the Civil War ended, it should be no surprise that, even today, Democrat states have formed a new Confederacy in opposition to President Donald Trump’s deregulation efforts. The Washington Post published a story today pointing out a number of states enacting environmental rules on a wide variety of issues from climate change to water pollution.

Legally these enhanced rules as WaPo outlines maybe within the confines of the law and within each state’s right to enact. However, there are a few times where three of the most die-hard Leftist states have gone outside their legal authority to enact policies sought in order to obstruct the Trump Administration. For example, the state of Washington attempted to block the exportation of coal from ports within its jurisdiction. California and Oregon have made similar attempts and other efforts are being made by environmentalists to block pipelines that carry fossil fuels.

Additionally, California joined Quebec in creating an international agreement based on the goals set by the Paris Climate Accord in which the goal is to combat man-made climate change. Presently, ten US states have joined the climate alliance. The only thing is what all three states are doing is outside of their jurisdiction. California’s creating an international treaty is not only unconstitutional, but in both of the prior mentioned cases, foreign policy is set by the Executive Branch or Congress depending on the situation.

So far, the brave, green, neo-Confederacy is limited to three states, but others could follow suit. In the case of California, Washington and Oregon, instead of direct enslavement by placing chains directly on people’s bodies, this new Confederacy sacrifices their citizens with high taxes and rationed energy which leads to high energy bills and a depreciated quality of life The ideology behind slavery didn’t die with the Civil War, it has taken on a new meaning. In this case, slavery is enacted by three rogue states in order to please the jealous Earth mother goddess, Gaia.

PHOTO CREDIT: Wikimedia – Congress of the Confederate States of America