California City to Outlaw Commercial Pet Sales

National City, California voted to write up rules that would outlaw retail pet sales on Tuesday. According to Fox 5 San Diego, California state law requires that cats and dogs can only be sold in stores that are obtained by state-sanctioned animal rescues.

Presently, there are only two pet stores left in National City: Puppy Patch and National City Puppies. A manager of National City Puppies, David Salinas, states his establishment complied with state law only selling puppies obtained from rescues with federal nonprofit status.

The folks with the group Not One Animal Harmed allege the two rescues the pet stores in question chose to work with, Bark Adoptions from Menifee, California and Pet Connect from Joplin, Missouri, are being sued by the Iowa State Attorney General. However, no proof of any lawsuit by the Iowa Attorney General against the two rescues has been found.

No indication from Fox 5 San Diego when National City’s council will convene to enact the final version of their legislation. Instead of letting the two stores choose two other animal rescues, instead they will be banned, resulting in many people being thrown out of work and many people’s lives ruined.

But animal rights thugs, like Not One Animal Harmed, do not care in the least. Animal rights is not only a means of achieving the end of sacrificing mankind to the needs of nature, but also to achieve the goal of subjecting humans to the savagery of the animal kingdom. It is the barbarism of the animal world that animal rights groups worship.