California blocks solar power plant to protect sheep

A solar power plant that was to be built in the Mojave Desert has been blocked by San Bernardino, California officials. It was done due to concerns expressed by environmentalists that the facility would pose a threat to Bighorn sheep, despite the fact that the animals are not considered endangered and their population stable.

According to The Daily Caller, environmentalists condemned the solar power plant as one of the nation’s worst renewable energy proposals because it diminished the habitat of Bighorn sheep. Despite the project pumping $30 million into the local economy and federal authorities approving the plant, it also would have generated approximately 264 megawatts of electricity.

Here is the kicker, despite solar power being one of the alternatives environmentalists support to replace generating electricity via fossil fuels, the Center for Biological Diversity has pursued legal action to block the construction of solar power plants in the Mojave desert in order to protect the habitats of not only Bighorn sheep but also tortoises. Their other concern is that tens of thousands of birds are killed due to sunlight-absorbing panels that disintegrate them while in flight.

There are many other instances when green groups have lobbied and sued to obstruct the construction of renewable energy sources. For example, in Scotland, one environmentalist group is campaigned to halt construction of a wind farm based near Loch Ness lake alleging it would be an environmental disaster.

In New York, an environmentalist group sued to block the approval of a power plant being brought online located on the Hudson River. The facility would use natural gas as its power source but Riverkeeper alleges the plant would pose a hazard to fish. Just last month in Monterey County, California, in conjunction with other environmentalist groups Defenders of Wildlife filed objections with county officials in order to halt construction of a solar power plant that would benefit Apple Computer company.

Not only do environmentalists oppose fossil fuels, they also end up opposing their own schemes geared to cut back on greenhouse gasses. Their renewables schemes not only won’t be adequate for our power needs but they will also oppose facilities that utilize alternate power sources like natural gas and (in this case) solar making their claims as supporting renewable energy sources as nothing more than window dressing. Ultimately, environmentalists are anti-industry and anti-civilization and seek to shut down all power plants in an effort to revert humans back to primitive living. Their circular logic on power generation demonstrates it.