Identity Politics As “An Enemy of Reason and Enlightenment Values”

One of the world’s greatest operatic Tenors, Jonas Kaufmann, is quoted as saying that half of Europe’s operas could face the axe due to the #MeToo movement and the antipathy toward perceived misogynistic stories. This is the latest shadow cast on Western Civilization thanks to the misandric, feminist hard-Left’s attack on high-profile men and an extension of the nihilistic Left’s identity politics.

It is refreshing that, despite his Leftism, that author and scientist Steve Pinker’s open transmission and defense of Enlightenment ideas and values coupled with his criticism of Left’s identity politics is revealed in a new book he authored. An interview with Dr. Pinker was printed in the latest edition of The Weekly Standard last week and he is even being defended by prominent conservatives like Benjamin Shapiro.

The environmentalist movement is a segment of the Left’s campaign against civilization along with its allies in #MeToo and other identity politics movements, like Black Lives (Don’t) Matter. That includes the green movement seeking to give rights or a legal identity to forms of nature such as animals, rocks, and trees. All are united in destroying any semblance of progress and seek to drag down or destroy what they cannot or will not accomplish on their own. Is it any wonder then that Steven Pinker is getting more of a friendly reception on the Right than the Left, especially with statements like this?

Any hopes for human improvement are better served by encouraging a recognition of universal human interests than by pitting group against group in zero-sum competition.

As Pinker’s speech excerpt below reveals, until and unless the Left dumps its negative views and embraces Enlightenment ideas, they may well be stuck in their ideological rut for some time.

The quote by Bill Clinton in the placard for this post is verified and accurate.