Climate Alarmists Panicked Over “Climate Review Panel”

The New York Times reported yesterday that President Trump maybe on the verge of forming a climate review panel that will review the validity of climate science used in assessments published by government agencies. More specifically, the move is to target the National Climate Assessment published November of last year. The idea is backed by physicist James Happer who presently serves as the president’s deputy assistant for emerging technologies on the National Security Council and John Bolton who is the president’s national security adviser.

Despite some misgivings from his former and present colleagues about Happer and his proposal, according to The Times, the President is unpersuaded by accusations that forming it could be seen as an attack on science. President Trump has expressed misgivings about man-made climate and he and some of his agency appointees have made efforts to rollback rules geared to reduce US carbon emissions, respectfully.

Anthropogenic, or man-made, climate change is said by many climate scientists to be caused by increased levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which is the result of burning of fossil fuels and holds in the Earth’s heat. The published scientific work highlighted by the mainstream media states that since the Industrial Revolution, the average temperature of the planet has increased by one degree Celsius. However, other scientists doubt or question these findings, alleging that human-induced climate change is the result of intentional manipulation, incorrect, or false conclusions.

What is revealing is the hysterical tone encompassed in most of yesterday’s New York Times report, including the allegation that the Trump Administration is doubling down on attacking science and will soon follow through. If proponents of human-caused climate change were confident in their conclusions, they would not fear a review of their research.